Thursday, July 10, 2008

doggy flu or something

Most of the time I think that having five dogs is just about perfect. Yeah, I know that most people gasp at that sentence but, for me, I love having my little pack at my side to cuddle or be entertained by their antics.

This week, Austin and Bentley have been having tummy problems. I don't know if it's a flu bug or what but I have spent a great deal of time cleaning up after them. So far, none of the others is sick but, if it goes through all five of them, I will be a wreck.

One tip: if you are worried that vomiting and diarrhea is causing your pet to be dehydrated, unflavored Pedialyte mixed with a little bit of baby food chicken is extremely well-received by even sick dogs. I found this tip on the internet and it works well. I remember trying to give Pedialyte to a sick dog on the vet's advice before and having the dog absolutely refuse to have anything to do with it. Not a problem with the chicken mixed in for flavor.

I also remember having a difficult time trying to get Geoff to drink Pedialyte when he was a sick toddler. Now I see that they have Pedialyte frozen pops. Why didn't anyone think of that 20 years ago? And, as a complete digression here, when Geoffrey was little I said that traveling would be SO much easier if you could pop a movie or cartoons into a TV in the vehicle. Why did I NOT patent the idea at the time??!!! Just think how wealthy I would be now!


Lovs2Knit said...

Maybe Pedialyte needs to take the hint. Kids hate it, dogs hate it, maybe they need to change it. :)

Hope your pups start feeling better soon and that the others don't get sick. I think my cocker spaniel had some kind of bug a few weeks back. Poor girl was miserable and did nothing but sleep.

Aunt Kathy said...

there must be a doggy flu going around, I know of three friends that also have sick dogs

Hoping your "kids" all feel better real soon

MaryAnne said...

Totally get where you're coming from...I have 5 of my own! One gets sick, you wait for the next. Oy. You have my sympathy. Really.