Tuesday, July 01, 2008

drying dyeing

I did some more dyeing last night. Here they are drying in the laundry room. Besides the one custom ordered skein, the rest will go into the Etsy shop as soon as they're dry.

Sock blanks: I managed to get a couple knit on the knitting machine. The one complaint that I had with the Knit Picks blanks was that both ends had live stitches so some unraveled in the dyeing process. I knit the ends of my blanks with waste yarn and bound them off. It's a bit more work because the binding off is done by hand but it eliminates the unraveling. All you have to do is untie or snip the waste yarn the get to the live stitches in the blank.
I had a custom order to try to reproduce the Antique Copper colorway that I sold. I figured I might as well do two while I was at it. I'm not sure how close I came because the skeins aren't quite dry yet but I think it's a pretty good match.

eta: The Yarn Harlot has published her annual Canada Day post on her blog and it is wonderful - go read it.

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Aunt Kathy said...

I just heard about that flat feet yarn yesterday and I can't wait to try some. I love the idea. I am also considering dyeing my own but am not sure how yet. Your two pictured here look great. I am off to your store to see about maybe purchasing one myself. Depends on how much $$ I can scrounge up. I was thinking of using these as a prize on my blog contest this time around. Very nice.