Saturday, July 26, 2008

poking around the yard....

I was poking around the back yard today when I noticed these in the garden.
What look like bubbles blown by fairies as they frolicked are really webs with dew sparkling on them. I wish that the camera had been able to capture all of the colors glinting in the sunlight. So pretty!

Last week's storms have left the pansies looking quite bedraggled. I'm sure they will bounce back though and there could have been so much worse damage that we are thankful everything is still intact in the yard. There is a chance of more storms tomorrow. It is July on the prairies after all.
The climbing plant on the left side of the table holding the pansies has clusters of berries on it. I have no idea what the plant is but it adds a hit of color to the yard.

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Aunt Kathy said...

those webs with dew on them are so cool... were the spiders home when you were taking pictures of their webs?