Sunday, June 29, 2008

baby sweater done

I haven't had a very productive weekend. I've been battling a migraine that seems to be triggered by TMJ. The only thing that I can think of that may have set this headache in motion is lifting a few boxes when I was clearing out my classroom. Whatever the cause, it's been a bear to endure and I haven't found a way to shake it off completely. It's a good thing that we weren't planning on doing much anyway.

The little sweater for baby Dawson is done and ready to mail. The buttonhole that I went back and added after realizing that a tie closure wasn't a good plan ended up too far down. I stitched it up and stretched another buttonhole higher up and stitched around it to make sure it stayed large enough for the button. The button says Little Lamb and is very cute! I ordered it online from They have a great selection of buttons and even with shipping the package was quite reasonably priced. I'll order from them again. The yarn is good old TLC Cotton Plus, a practical cotton/acrylic blend for softness and washability. I added a bit of length to both the sleeves and body to counteract any shrinking that might be the result of the cotton.

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Lynn said...

What an adorable sweater! Very cute. And I hope you feel better soon. I get migraines occasionally and they are NO fun.