Thursday, June 05, 2008

woolen spinning

I have some really beautiful pin-drafted Cormo fiber that I bought from Morro Fleece Works. I decided to try spinning it long-draw woolen. I have never spun long-draw very successfully and thought that this lovely soft fiber would be a good candidate for it.

It's kind of fun to draft ahead of the twist and it's certainly a fast way to spin. However I'm not really happy with the results. Part of the problem is that I need a whole lot more practice to be good at it and part of the problem is that I seldom knit bulkier yarn as it hurts my hands. At least for me, getting a finer yarn from long-draw spinning would be difficult. By its very nature, long-draw is not as consistent as short worsted draw and it's fluffier. Being the control freak that I am, I quite like the short forward draw of a fine worsted wool. I can spin laceweight very consistently and ply two or more bobbins together for fingering or DK weight yarn.
I don't think that I'll finish this bobbin. I'll wind it off and save it for future reference.

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Gloria Patre said...

I hear you about the long draw woollen - fast and inconsistent describes it when I try too! I do a modifid long draw where I draft with my back hand but control with the front hand so the twist doesn't enter until i say it's thin enough. It IS faster than short draw but still maintains most of the control. Play around a bit - you may find it will work for you too! Lovely color top came with that white too! :D