Tuesday, June 10, 2008

spinning my wheels, so to speak

After spinning my wheels (not spinning wheels) trying to knit the Regia Bamboo into some kind of socks I decided that I just wasn't feeling the love for the yarn right now and put it back into the stash. To get the fabric I wanted with it would have meant knitting on 1.5mm needles. I may double it with another colorway of Regia Bamboo that I also have and knit socks for cooler months.

My aunt Robin in Killarney, Manitoba called that her first grandchild was born on the weekend. She is so excited!
I found this cute pattern free on the web and started knitting it for baby Dawson James.
It's a nice pattern and I'm enjoying knitting it. However, it closes with a tie woven through the neck stitches. That's not a good idea so I switched it to a button. Of course I had already knit the sweater down to where the sleeves are knit so I had to frog back several rows of the couple of stitches in the moss stitch trim to add a button hole. It was fiddly but it worked. I'm using TLC Cotton Plus yarn so that it will be washable and soft.

I also dug around in the stash for a yarn that would do justice to the Faceted Rib socks pattern from The Little Box of Socks. I think this one will do it. It's Opal Neon 1931.

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