Saturday, June 07, 2008

bunnies in the mist

It's been raining today. I went out the back gate to take out some trash and noticed a group of rabbits near by in the park. They were hunkered down in the grass in the steady drizzle. They were pretty tame and let me get reasonably close to them with my camera. They must not have been afraid that I was a predator; they're usually more skittish and quick to hop away but they were quite laid back today. The pictures are a little blurry because of the rain and the telephoto lens setting.
I'm not sure what the correct name is for these rabbits. We call them jack rabbits and they are much bigger than your average pet bunny.

I am always so thankful to live in a home that is close to nature. The rabbits were only a few meters away from my yard. How neat is that?

There are muskrats that live in the creek nearby and we sometimes see beavers as well. There are many types of birds, most of which I can't identify as I don't know a lot about birds. Sometimes there are bird watchers with their books, binoculars, and cameras but they generally like things quiet while they watch so we don't usually chat much with them. Once, we even saw chickens... but that is a story for another time.


Lovs2Knit said...

I've heard them called Jack Rabbits my whole life. They are all over where I grew up in Southern California. Their feet are huge and they can hope like the wind. Our dogs could never catch them but they sure did try.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I saw a couple of bunnies this weekend too, but they were much smaller than yours.