Thursday, June 05, 2008

more about Kelsey

Thanks so much to those of you who sent me comments that you would send a postcard to Kelsey who I mentioned in a previous post! I found out a little more about the situation and thought I would share it again and urge you to cross-post the information freely. Her story has already been shared in the media and on the internet and there is absolutely no problem publishing her contact information.

Kelsey Kilbach is 16 and a grade 11 student at Martin Collegiate where my husband Dan teaches. She has Astrocytoma. She underwent surgery on March 10/08 to remove approximately half of the cancerous tumor on her brain stem. Doctors have done all they can do to prolong her life but it is unknown by how much. She is terminally ill.

Her grade 11 class left on a trip to Italy in March without her and she was so sad that she couldn't go after months of planning that her mom's friends decided to start the postcard campaign. They thought that since she couldn't see Italy, they would send her pictures of the world to lift her spirits and send some positive energy her way.

She is starting to get postcards from far-away places and her mom's friend says, "You should see the smile on her face when the postlady comes!"

Here is her address again:

Kelsey Kilbach
1434 Royal St.
Regina SK Canada
S4T 5A3

Thanks so much for your help in spreading the word to brighten a young girl's life!

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