Sunday, June 01, 2008


My son Geoff turned 22 years old today. We had a family dinner to celebrate. Left to right, in the picture is his girlfriend Carmen, Geoff, his birth father Glenn, Glenn's kids Sabine, Eugenie, my nephew Christopher, and Glenn's son Oliver. Tomorrow is Eugenie's birthday so we had two cakes!

The rest of the family is on the other side of the table:
Dan, my niece Katie, my brother-in-law Dallas, and my sister Darcie.

Not much knitting or spinning progress to report. I've been starting and ripping several sock ideas using Regia Bamboo yarn. I haven't found one that seems quite right yet. It's funny how the yarn lets you know when you find the right pattern for it. Before I was a Knitter, I would have laughed out loud at the notion that sock yarn has a mind of its own.

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Aunt Kathy said...

You have a lovely family