Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wondrous Woolee Winder

The Woolee Winder continues to amaze me. I spun very fine singles from this superwash BFL that I dyed. I decided that I would divide it in half for plying and spin up some undyed superwash BFL for the third ply so that the color would be less intense for sock yarn. As hard as it is to believe, these two bobbins hold the same amount of spun singles.
The left bobbin is a regular Ashford Joy bobbin and the one on the right is the Woolee Winder bobbin. You can see how efficiently the WW bobbin packs on the yarn compared to the Ashford bobbin that I transferred half of it to. There is approximately 62 grams/1000 yards of fiber on each one.

Totally unrelated to the title of this post, how's this for a motley bunch?
The shelties go ballistic when the vacuum cleaner is running, barking and trying to attack it. It's a herding thing. It makes vacuuming very difficult. So, to get them out of the way while the vacuum cleaner was running, the dogs were in the sun room with the kitchen door closed when I took this picture.

Harrison was the only one not looking pathetic at the door. He was happily lounging in his favorite chair in the sunroom. He loves this chair so much that we have to check to see if he's in it when it's dark before we close the door or he gets locked out.


Lovs2Knit said...

That cinches it for me. I'm adding a Woolee Winder to my list of "Must Buys".

My toy poodle loves to chase the vacuum.

Jadielady said...

Awww what a bunch of cuties! I love shelties :)

Aunt Kathy said...

Great animal pictures today.