Thursday, September 11, 2008

Color Me Happy

I could use some help.

I pulled out the dyes yesterday. My sister was interested in learning to dye yarn so she came over and we messed around with them. I decided to dye some yarn to make a Tulip Cardigan for my god-daughter's baby daughter. I had lots of Knit Picks Bare Superwash Wool to use. I used the colors from some of the yarn and fiber that I dyed to sell when I had my Etsy shop.

Now I have to decide in which order to place the colors so took the skeins to the sunroom to try out different arrangements. I narrowed my options to these three.

This is my approximation of the color order in the original pattern.

Then I arranged them from light to more intense.
And finally, I ordered them as they would sit on a color wheel. Well, the center six skeins are ordered that way. The two end colors are lighter versions of the turquoise and fuschia.

I'd love to hear your opinion before I decide which order to knit the colors!


Anonymous said...

I liked the first example best. Bottom second but didn't like blue to pink transition at end.
If I could understand why I didn't like the middle arrangement I would have more success in my knitting. I am in awe of the dyeing though. Beautiful stuff. Kudos to you.

Lovs2Knit said...

I like the top and bottom arrangements. For some reason I'm not liking that middle one much. For the life of me I can't explain why.

Darcie said...

Top one, definately. I think it needs the darker pink as a frame around the face. The other shades dyed up very nice with more of a pastel tint than the original pattern.

Susan said...

I vote for number 1, then number 3, last number 2 and I have no explanation why.

Aunt Kathy said...

It's funny at first I was going to say #2, but as I read the comments and re-looked I agree number 1 is the best of the three.

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

susan, I actually like the first example best.

drMolly, the BeanQueen

Anonymous said...

I like to first and third arrangement equally as well. I can't explain why but the one is the middle is not turning me on.
Holly in CT

Deepa said...

My honest opinion is that the colors are just a little too bright- especially the orange, yellow and green. I know babies can carry it off but some of the charm of the Tulip cardi comes from the combination of bright and muted colorways.

I may be a bit biased though. :) I ordered a custom kit for my daughter's cardi from Threadbear. It was all Dream in Color, but more autumny colors. It suited my little latte girl very well and she wore it all last fall and winter.

Anonymous said...
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momof2 said...

I actually prefer the second option not sure why but it is more appealing to me.