Thursday, September 25, 2008

unusually warm weather

September has been a warmer month than usual around here. Here it is almost the end of the month and we haven't had a hard frost yet. I can tell there's been a hint of light frost by the droop of the rhubarb and zucchini leaves but it is practically unheard of to find roses blooming at this date. These beauties are brightening up the front yard flower bed.
The ash trees are always the last trees to get leaves in the spring and the first to lose them in the fall. The cooler nights have signaled the leaves to turn color. If you look closely you can see the roses in the shadows at the front of the picture. Having both the roses and the golden leaves in the same picture is a rare event. I'm sure I'll look back at this pic in future years and marvel at the wonder of it.


Macbff said...
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Lovs2Knit said...

Sorry bout the deleted comment. Hubby used my computer so he was still logged on to his blogger account.

We are having the same kind of weather down here. We're having summer weather here. The oldest is enjoying wearing shorts and dresses to school. :)