Tuesday, August 04, 2009

just hanging around

Our weather has been decidedly unsummery. It's been much cooler than normal. Most people are upset by this fact but I like it. I'm not a heat person so the temps. suit me very well. We've only had the air conditioner running 3 or 4 days so far. Usually it runs most of July.

Aside from some minor home renovations, we've been pretty boring people lately. I've had trouble finding anything blog-worthy. So I took the camera to the sunroom to show you how the dogs pass their time.



Pocus, posing for the camera as usual. He turned 12 a few days ago. He looks pretty good for an old dog, doesn't he?

I'm not sure where Robbie was when I had the camera out. He must have been snoozing in the house.


Lynn said...

Your dogs are adorable!!!! Animals are always a great thing to blog abt.

I wish it was cooler here! We had a heat index of 114 the other day. Our summers are like your winters. You don't go outside unless you absolutely have to!

Monika said...

They are all very cute! I'm with you temperature wise, but today and the following days will be hot and humid. It's the dogs fault, that I don't get anything done around here. :o)

Brit said...

Lucky you to have so many adorable dogs to keep you company. I enjoy your blog :)