Monday, August 31, 2009

regaining sanity

As you can see, the kitchen is freshly painted and put back together. I am glad. There aren't heaps of stuff on every available surface in the house any more and I can do things (like cook). Life is good. However, one thing leads to another and I think Geoff will paint the living and dining/computer room and hallways for us soon. It needs to be done and I'm thankful that he is available to do the actual painting but I'm not looking forward to having the house all rearranged to do it. After that, we will be saving to replace the carpets. The carpet is toast and I haven't been in a hurry to replace it what with having multiple dogs. But the state of the carpet is even starting to get to me so I guess it's time.

Our weather turned summery just in time for back to school. I enjoyed the cool summer but most folks are complaining about it bitterly. The forecasters tell us that there is an El Nino developing in the Pacific which would warm up our winter this year. I sure hope they're right!

In other news, I have a few spinning and knitting things to share with you.

This beautiful little spindle was brought back from the Isle of Wight by my spinning friend Carol. It's a light spindle at only 17 g but it spins forever! It rivals the Moosie for my affection. It's Tulipwood on Sycamore with a Walnut shaft. The fiber is Beach Day, the Spunky Eclectic July fiber of the month, a merino/bamboo blend.

I ordered the new Knit Picks Zephyr acrylic Options needles. I really like them! They're very light and a little flexible, and they have the nice points that the Options are known for. They have just the right amount of 'grab' to them, not as much as wood but less than metal.

I finished up the Spring Forward socks that I've had on the go for a while. I used Dream In Color Smooshy in the Some Summer Sky colorway. The yarn is lovely to work with and to wear. 'Smooshy' is right.

And finally, I pulled out the carder and experimented with some fiber to produce this batt. It's a blend of Optim, superwash merino, angora, and a touch of Angelina. It glints in the sunlight and reminds me of new-fallen snow.


Jody said...

Your socks are lovely...I will check out that pattern. Happy spinning with your beautiful fibre and spindles:)

Lovs2Knit said...

The kitchen looks great! Smooshy is my go to sock yarn. It washes beautifully in the washer and wears very well.

Jenny Girl said...

The socks and kitchen look wonderful! There is nothing like a clean kitchen. The rest of the house can be a reck, but a clean kitchen just sets the mind at ease.

I was considering the acrlyic needles but seeing them on top of the knitting...I don't know. The clearness doesn't make knitting harder does it? Like hard to concentrate. Somethime my eyes wander depending on the neddles and project. Weird, I know.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Socks are beautiful I love that pattern