Saturday, August 08, 2009

now that's a wedding dress!

I am blown away!

wooly wedding gown


Monika said...

Thanks for the link! Absolutely fantastic! I think I'll post this on my blog too if you don't mind.

Darcie said...

I like the bodice, but the skirt make me think she could take Best of Breed in the Puli ring.

I think I will stick to spinning my Lincoln (which is on the bobbin right now) into sock yarn.

Susan said...

I adore the gown in its entirety! Because she is actually a shepherd, it's perfect! I also admire the skill that went into the design and production.

Lynn said...

I've seen this before and find it totally fascinating. What a great way to tie in your living and your new life together. It was done really well too. Now the busty one is pathetic and the fru fru one was also weird. The bridal party had the front cut out and yet SO many layers of ruffles for the bride. Wonder how much fabric was used???