Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a curious sight

Today's shot of the kitchen window.
The weight of the snow on the roof is making it hang over the eaves but it's so cold out that it's keeping it solid enough that it's not falling off. Between the drifts on the deck and the overhang off the roof, my view from the window is restricted.

Even so, I noticed an odd sight in the park. There was a flicker of movement under this tree. (zoom lens shot)
Then a scurry to the shelter of the next tree.
They appeared to be some sort of chickens, running along the snow. One flew a short distance to help hurry the pace but it didn't seem to be able to fly like a bird. Anybody know what they are? Maybe partridges?

Back to fiber news, the replacement Gotland fleece from Treenway arrived.
I am very pleased to report that it looks beautiful! I didn't have time to scour any yet. I'll post more pics when it's clean. I'm so pleased with Treenway's customer service!


Monika said...

Wow-that's more like it! Beautiful locks, and wonderful grey. I'm still jealous about your snow. I fell yesterday and slid down a little hill like a beached whale, when I tried to herd Happy inside (it wasn't even necessary). It's all ice on the ground with a dusting of snow. I think my son is still laughing....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps prairie chickens?


Jadielady said...

They might be quail? Very pretty little birdies :)

Jody said...

That fleece does looks it softer? It looks very curly like the Gotland/Finn ram at Hubbert Farms.