Sunday, January 03, 2010

On New Year's Eve, while the guys watched the World Junior hockey tournament on TV, my good friend Rhonda, my sister Darcie, and my 9 year old niece Katie spent some time knitting and admiring my washed Polwarth locks. Katie drew some pictures and left them on my fridge. I thought you might like to see them.

I'm not sure how clearly you can see it so I'll tell you that it is a sheep shearer at work in the barn. Katie has included lots of details in her picture including the shorn strips on the sheep's back, the cord of the electric clippers, the hat worn by the shearer, the shorn wool on the floor, and the other animals watching. Everyone looks happy including the sheep saying Baaaa!, and the kitty eating his food. She has captured this scene much more accurately than I would be able to; the girl has talent.

Here is the back of the picture.
The printing in the upper corner says, "note - the guy's sweater is made out of the sheep's coat". How cute is that?

Here's her other picture.
Translation: Let's Knit!! You can tell from her drawing that she knows how knitting works with the stitches on the needle and the working yarn coming from the last stitch. This delights me to no end!

Can you tell that her mom and I are grooming the girl to love fiber crafts? We want someone to inherit all of our stash and equipment some day and not want to sell it all on eBay, which is what Dan tells me he plans to do with it. We also want her to love fiber because we do and we're enablers that way.


Monika said...

That is very cute, and I like her details!

Jody said...

Susan...Treenway Silks just sent out their specialty fleece list...I was only allowed to order one fleece for now so I decided on a Polwarth instead of Gotland. I have to wait until rest of the people on the list choose and then I can maybe get a Gotland too. I am getting a chocolate brown Polwarth:)

Lovs2Knit said...

Wonderful pictures! Katie is very talented.

Katie said...

Thank you Auntie Susan
for putting my pictures on your
I am glad you liked them!