Sunday, January 24, 2010

it's ba-ack

After a lovely couple of weeks of spring-like weather, winter has made a dramatic reappearance.
This was the view from my kitchen window this afternoon. We had a blizzard descend on us this weekend. Besides the dump of snow, the wind has been strong today. RCMP closed highways due to the white-out conditions. It is still January and winter does not want us to forget it.

Meanwhile, I've been slogging away on Dan's big boring sock.
I'm really not liking the colors. They remind me of bruises. I'm going to overdye the socks when they're done.

And I've been slogging away on the never-ending bobbin of laceweight singles. Good thing the fiber is so pretty. I think I've got more than seven ounces on this one bobbin.
Next up will be Navajo plying it.


Monika said...

Ah, beautiful snow! It's been raining here since yesterday!
What kind of spinning wheel is that, that you get 7oz on one bobbin???

Jody said...

Navajo plying lace singles? That would surely mess me up :)
I am sorry to hear you guys got the brunt of a snowstorm. Can you believe that we are getting alot of rain and mild temps for January. It's madness!

Lynn said...

Well it's a pain to live in, but oh is that gorgeous!!!