Saturday, April 03, 2010

really Spring

What a difference a week makes! Where there were mini-lakes and mini-ice-mountains, there now is lawn.

There are still some leftover icy patches in the shade but they are melting rapidly. I know it's really Spring because I saw the first robin of the season the other day. And when I peered into the muddy mess in the corner of the garden, I spotted the first rhubarb sprouts peeking through the dead vegetation. Can you see their rosy little noses in the middle of the picture?
That's the surest sign of Spring around here.

Although there are a few flies moving slowly in the sun, it's bug-free enough to leave the door open in the sunroom so the dogs can go in and out at will.

Cooper thinks this is the best of both worlds.


Jody said...

We are heating up fast here already. It feels like summer with the humidity which I hate but it is great for drying freshly washed fleeces! I got some fabulous Coopworth in a trade!

Monika said...

Love the photo of Cooper!
We've had 25C yesterday and today, plus a warm wind. We went for a walk on the Oak Ridges trail, it was lovely. No bugs yet! :o)

Lovs2Knit said...

It's been really nice here too. We're getting bright green patches of grass popping up all over in the back yard. It would be absolutely gorgeous if the wind was ripping through here at what feels like tornado like speeds.

Marguerite said...

Today I noticed our grass is almost long enough to need mowing. It happens fast once it turns green.

Lynn said...

Look you have a lawn!!! LOL And Cooper has the right idea. How much longer for his cast?

Gloria Patre said...

Our yard looks like yours from last week so I guess you're a week ahead of us!
SO very glad Dan is home and OK!
Gosh is Cooper growing fast! Wow! SO cute!