Friday, April 16, 2010

so glad he's home

Dan came home from the hospital on Tuesday. We don't know what caused the tachycardia and arrythmia but he has new medications so hopefully it doesn't happen again. The preliminary results of the echocardiogram and stress test didn't show anything out of the ordinary. He still needs to get hooked up again for a few 24 hour time periods of monitoring over the next few weeks. We are cutting back on sodium and trying to eat very healthily now. I don't mind telling you that he scared the **** out of me and I am very, very glad that he's home! We have been together since we were 16 years old, over 35 years now, and I am not ready for that to change any time soon.

Although we are all glad that Dan is home, Cooper is especially happy. Dan often sits on the floor beside the couch while he watches TV and effectively becomes a playground for a young sheltie, with ears and hair to nibble on while said puppy climbs over and slides down Dan's head and body. Don't let that first nicey nice picture fool you; here's what was happening the rest of the time:

Thank you all for the comments of concern and support the last few days. It means more than you can know.


Walden said...

Glad everything is going well!

Monika said...

I'm glad everything turned out O.K.

Tina said...

Just reading about the worries you had lately. Glad everything turned out fine so far!
That's really a loooong time you have been being together - I thought our 21 years (next month) were long in these times :-)

Jody said...

35 years together is a very long time indeed. You practially grew up together. It is really scarey as we get older what can happen to our bodies. DH and myself have had a few issues. Glad yours is back home :)

Lynn said...

Now that's puppy love!!! So glad he's home!