Friday, April 23, 2010

wet Friday

Shelties like rain. They don't even seem to feel it; must be that double coat of theirs. We had showers most of the day. Cooper happily discovered the little trickles of rain coming off of the eaves and out of the downspout, first pouncing on them and then drinking the water.

He looked up when I called him.

Then he came running to see what I was holding in front of my face.

Robbie saw the camera and posed nicely for his picture.
He used to be the dog that would never pose for the camera. I guess he figured that the kid shouldn't be getting all the attention.

Dan is just fine and back to school and playing hockey. The doctors don't know what caused the heart flutter problem. Hopefully the medication will prevent it from occurring again. I'm thankful that it all turned out fine.


Walden said...

Cooper is getting so big!

Monika said...

What lovely faces your Shelties have, and that fluff!!!
I'm glad Dan's O.K.

Jody said...

I'm thankful too Susan :)
Yes what alot of beautiful fluff, do you comb it out to spin?