Sunday, April 25, 2010

small things

I have a couple of small things to share today. They are very useful and are my current favorite 'tools'.

This cute little double-ended crochet hook is from Knit Picks.
I love that I can attach it to my sock-on-the-go knitting bag for stitch dropping emergencies. I kept losing regular crochet hooks and don't have to worry about this one going astray.

The second tool is a wrist distaff for the other bag in my purse, the spindle bag. While I was at the hospital with Dan, I was forever jumping up and down to make room for the nurses or when visitors came. I usually wrap my fiber around my wrist but it didn't work very well to keep pulling it off and putting it on particularly while I was wearing my watch on the same wrist.
I had seen an article about distaffs in an old Spin Off magazine and thought this idea looked like it would work well so I pulled out some Elann Esprit yarn remnants from the stash. The stretchy cotton blend is practical and comfortable for this use. I just knitted a regular ribbed cuff in blue then picked up stitches at the edge of one rib and knitted a faux rib (K one row, P one row, K one row, repeat these 3 rows) with the rose yarn. Once it was long enough I sewed the other end to the cuff as the fiber compartment. Here it is in use:
Now if my spinning is interrupted, I just pull off the cuff and don't disturb my fiber supply at all.

Besides the Trekking Maxima sock knitting, I've done a little dyeing and a little spinning.

The dyeing is for a gift so I won't divulge what the plans are just yet. It's SW merino and I was aiming for Barbie pink. I think I got pretty close.

And the spinning is a 3 ply sock yarn using a blend of Corriedale and bison. It's the first time I've spun yarn with a tight twist from fiber that I scoured and prepared myself. It certainly doesn't feel like commercial sock yarn. It has some spring in it even with the tight twist. I think I will dye it. It will be interesting to see how finishing it affects its hand.

Here are some leftover singles right off the wheel.


Chandra Larwood ~ Fibreworker said...

Ohhh ... I want a DPN keychain. I've lost so many while knitting socks.

Where did you get the bison?

Monika said...

Your small things are all fine things. I like the attachable crochet hook, very nice. :o)
The barbie pink yarn looks delicious!
And your spun yarn looks great too. Looking forward to see it off the bobbin.

Jody said...

It's hard to see any of the buffalo in that looks almost white. I have an ounce of pure buffalo roving hanging around somewhere (also Qiviut roving). Not sure what I'll do with it yet.