Tuesday, December 01, 2009

as if on cue.....

Mother Nature must have looked at the calendar. After the beautiful autumn weather that we had in November, the start of December is decidedly wintery. It started snowing last evening and by the time I took out the dogs before bedtime last night it looked like this.

We received an Alberta Clipper and today it is definitely winter.

The dogs are happy, especially the shelties. They love snow!
It's not very cold outside at this point but that's supposed to change by the weekend. Yep, it's winter.

I have been playing with fiber - so what's new, you may ask? What's new is some beautiful fleece from Jean Near in California.

There's some Merino,

some Corriedale,

and some Merino/Columbia.

I have started washing and flick carding some of it, and it will keep the new drum carder busy when it arrives (probably on Friday). I'll post more pics as I go.

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Jody said...

Oh wow...what amazing fleece. I bought some merino fleeces from Genopalette last January and was so disappointed in them(amazingly everyone raves about them). I sometimes wonder..is it just me that gets the crappy stuff. I can't wait to see what you make of it with your brand new carder. How exciting!!