Friday, December 04, 2009

the new drumcarder

It's big. And heavy. So big and heavy that I had to wait for one of the guys to get home yesterday to move the box from the front door, where the UPS delivery person left it, to my craft room.
The dogs were very impressed.

A peek inside the box:

All set up and ready to go. It just fits on top of my sewing machine cabinet. Good thing I don't want to sew anything much because it's too heavy to move often.
I ran some junk fiber through it last night to make sure that any metal filings were cleaned off the parts before carding more precious fibers.

Like these:
Mmmmmm. (I can't be the only person who would like to roll around naked on freshly washed and teased locks, can I? Not saying that I would, of course, just that the temptation exists.)

On a very different note, I finished these:
more honking big socks for Dan. I used the same yarn that I did for Jo-Ann's socks last summer. Hopefully, these will last longer than the ones I made for him out of merino.


Anonymous said...

Toys for adults ar fun. (I almost said adult toys are fun, but that just didn't seem right) LOL

Jody said...

I don't know if your carder is bigger then the Fancicard but it does looks big. Those locks look lovely and white.
I always luv to blend sheep fleece with my humungous alpaca stash :)

Lynn said...

Great socks!!! And while it may be just the beginning for you, I LOVE the first snow fall!!!