Monday, December 21, 2009

more than a little loopy

The treatment for seizures has left poor Pocus more than a little loopy. The medication is given in large amounts for the first three days. Today he starts getting a much smaller dose. It can take a couple of weeks to adjust. At this point, it looks like we've gotten a toddler all liquored up and put him on skates for the first time. Poke is lurching around with his legs splayed out, falling over and into things. He has no sense of balance at all. He trails around after me and even needs to be with me on the bed. He woke me up every three hours on Saturday night and I was reminded of the sleep-deprivation of having a young baby in the house. So last night he was on the bed with me and it was better. It seems that he knows that I will look out for him while he's so confused. Good thing that Jo-Ann warned me this would happen or it would have really upset me. She promised that it would get better.

In knitting news, I finished Dan's mom's socks in time for Christmas.
I know she really appreciates them so I don't mind knitting for her but I don't like knitting with a deadline so I'm glad they're done.


Monika said...

Ah the poor guy! I hope he'll be better soon, with his new medication. I know what you mean about knitting with a deadline. Kills the joy of knitting for me.

Happy Holidays!

Lynn said...

Is this meds that he'll be on from now on?? I'm glad you were made aware of what to expect. Hope he adjusts soon to it.

and while knitting on a deadline stinks, you churned out some nice socks!!!