Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The birds must be crazy.

This was the scene from my kitchen window this morning. I wish that you could see the ice crystals that were sparkling in the air. It was -35 degrees Celsius here in sunny Saskatchewan. That's -31 degrees Fahrenheit for those of you Americans. Cold, no matter what scale you're using. When I took the dogs out the birds were chirping and singing like it was the middle of summer. How do they do it? Teeny, tiny little birds not only not freezing but actually singing like mad. Why don't they migrate like most other sensible birds? Usually when it's this cold the stillness outside is palpable. Are the birds telling us that spring is coming soon? Or does it just mean that all of the insane birds in the world happened to be in the neighborhood today? Whatever the reason, the birds make Harrison ridiculously happy. He really likes watching the birds sitting in the branches and, when they fly away, he thinks that they are the stuff of herding dogs' dreams.

The forecast is for milder, more normal temps starting tomorrow. Speaking on behalf of all elementary school teachers in this province, thank heavens the indoor recesses will finally come to an end!

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Marguerite said...

Yikes! That is cold. I can't imagine it.