Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blogger Shenanigans

Some people have found that their comments aren't automatically linking to their profiles and contact information. I have been getting all the comments as they are forwarded to my email address but not all of them are showing up on the blog. Unfortunately I'm not always successful getting a link to your contact information from your comment, even from my email account - I'm getting error messages.

Probably the safest way to ensure that I have your email address in case you win the sock yarn is to include your addy in the comment, not relying on the automatic linking. If you've already commented and your contact information doesn't appear to be showing up on the blog comments just drop me an email to and please let me know what name was on your original comment.


Mothergoose said...

I often wonder the same thing. It seems there is never enough time to knit, work and blog. I love the dogs. Pocus is adorable. Congrats on the blogiversary!!

Lovs2Knit said...

You've gotta love blogger. They don't make it easy to reply to someones comment. I've actually thought about migrating to another blog site but I'm sure I want to deal with the hassle. I have my email linked to my account but just in case here's my email:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog, I went back and caught up on the posts, Its nice to see another Canadian bearing the cold this winter with
All the best on your second year of blogging. Can't wait to enjoy the posts with my morning coffee..

Anonymous said...

congrats on your one year anniversary. I feel for you in the cold north, as I live in Tucson, AZ where to day it is a "chilly" 65 degrees with clouds and wind. The last two days have been 70 to 75, clear and sunny.
I love the pics of Hocus Pocus. Our dog Molly has a similar look but she is Black and just a mutt.
I love the look of the yarn and also wish you good luck with year two of the blog. Kathy C.