Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I thought I would share my spindle collection with you today. I've been gradually adding to it and have a nice selection now. (Spindle identification pic at end of post.)

The paw and nose in the top picture belong to Robbie-the-nosy-sheltie. He wasn't eating the dark brown Maggie spindle, just sniffing it.

I remembered that I had a pottery jug with a broken lip downstairs. I crazy glued the jug and it now is a lovely prop to show off the the spindles.

Spindles identified with as much info as I can remember as I didn't save all the tags:
1. Kundert Taos, 1.4 oz.
2. Golding 3" ring spindle, Celtic ring, 1.9 oz.
3. Maggie top whorl with low profile hook, about 1.25 oz., walnut?
4. Spindlewood square mini, 7/8 oz., olive wood, with hook and point protectors (included)
5. Bosworth featherweight, .53 oz., Bird's Eye Maple
6. Tabachek mini, Russian Olive
7. Bosworth midi, .81 oz., Canarywood
8. Golding 2 3/4" ring spindle, Celtic knot, 1.3 oz.
9. Bosworth mini, .7 oz., Zebrawood
10. Bosworth midi, Paduak, .91 oz.

Turkish spindles in front:
Jenkins Osage Orange, 1.8 oz.
Turkish Delight bamboo

Middle picture (front right):
Royale Hare brass support spindle


Anonymous said...

Those are nice. I have no idea how to spin at all. Looks like fun with the fiber flowing through your hands though.


Natalie Rush said...

Wow!! I only have one that I made myself! :) I'm impressed!!!