Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a bargain for machine knitters!

Due to my ongoing issues with TMJ and Fibromyalgia, I am selling all of my machine knitting items. I just can't use them very much or parts of my body complain loudly. I'm advertising them on Ravelry and some yahoo lists but thought I'd put them here too in case anyone is interested. If you are local, contact me and we'll make the deal even sweeter because it would save me the bother of shipping.

All items were purchased within the last year and are like new in original packaging with all original accessories included unless otherwise noted. Current approximate retail prices are in brackets. If bought new, these items would total over $1200, not including taxes and shipping.

To save myself from selling and packaging each item separately, I am offering a terrific bargain to anyone who would like to buy all of these items as a lot! For $800US plus shipping from Canada, they're yours! I accept Pay Pal.

If I don't have a buyer for this as a lot I will list the items separately later.

Silver Reed (Studio) LK 150, including instructional DVD by Susan Guagliumi ($400)
Knit Contour KR11 ($275)
Knitting Any Way Transfer Tool including book ($25.95), never used

Intarsia Carriage AG10 ($99), never used
Fair Isle Carriage FC6 ($219), never used - not being made any more

Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters by Susan Guagliumi - hard copy (various prices on eBay, etc. - I paid $75 for it)
Tricks of the Trade by Mary Ann Oger ($27.95)
50 Ways to Love Your Knitter by Mary Ann Oger ($27.95)
Mid-Gauge Classics by Mary Ann Oger ($16.95)
Mid-Gauge Magic by Mary Ann Oger ($27.95)

The following Patterns and Grids for the Knit Contour KR11 (worth more than $75):
Knit Patterns
1/4 Scale Grid Sheets
1/2 Scale Grid Sheets - some sheets have been used and carefully erased, still very usable
French Curves -new, never used
Half-Scale Ruler that I made using a transparent ruler and rub-on numbers - see this link - very handy for copying patterns onto grid sheets


Peggy J. said...

I know this is probably a long shot, but if you still have your fair isle and intarsia carriages for the Silver Reed LK 150, I would be interested in purchasing.

Susan said...

No, I'm sorry. They sold with the package.