Wednesday, March 04, 2009

everything old is new again

I went to Golden Willow (my lys) one day last summer and noticed a curious machine in use. It was a spin dryer that had been hauled out of storage from years past and was being used to spin the freshly dyed fibers before hanging them to dry. I had never seen one before and I thought it looked much easier to use than the old wringer that I remember my mom using when I was little.

I have a front load Maytag washer that I love. It is so much more energy and soap efficient than my top loading machine had been and is gentler on the clothes. However, because it loads in front, spinning woolens in it is a bit of a gamble due to the risk of clothes tumbling as they spin. I've been using a salad spinner to spin the woolens but the spinner can only handle a wee bit at a time (a pair of socks is about as much as it will do without getting cranky and refusing to spin evenly).

So imagine my surprise when I read a discussion on the spin-list about this very subject and found a link to an electric spinner. The price was reasonable so I ordered one.

It came today.

It's the countertop model from Laundry-Alternative.

It's very simple and very basic but I'm looking forward to its help both when I'm washing woolens and when I play with the dyes.


Aunt Kathy said...

Gotta love Internet finds

Lovs2Knit said...

Gotta love the internet. Thanks for the info. I have a front loading washer so this is great info.