Sunday, March 08, 2009

recent spinning

My knitting mojo has sort of evaporated the last few days and I've been spinning instead.

This is a really beautiful merino/silk top from Zebisis Designs. I love the colorway (Dark Monet) and the top is easy to draft and spin. Just gorgeous! I will be frequenting this Etsy shop to see what else Maiysha lists in the future. The service is also top-notch.

This lovely soft superwash merino is from Blue Ridge Silk Works, another superb online shop worth checking out. The colorway is Cool Breeze. I spun it a little thicker than my usual ultra-fine singles. I'm thinking about making Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise cardi with it (Ravelry link). I don't have a baby in mind as a recipient but it would be nice to have a little sweater tucked away for quick baby gift.

I was on a roll brushing out dogs finally after being sick. I got through everyone except Pocus who is long overdue for a haircut. The day that I was going to shave him down is the day that the spin dryer arrived in the mail. As I lifted the dryer up I felt a muscle in my back twinge and, sure enough, another sprained muscle. So Pocus still looks like a rolling dust bunny while I wait for my back to heal. The weather got really cold again so I figure fate was telling me to leave the old Bichon with fur for another week or so until it's warmer outside. I wish that fate had been a little more subtle about it though. I would have listened to a gentler message instead of being completely unable to lift anything because of this muscle injury. Just saying.


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh Susan so sorry about yur back again. OUCH. But those spinning colors are gorgeous. I love them both

Jody said...

I guess painful backs go with the sorry...hope it gets better soon.
My thumb joints are always sore from my combing, knitting, spinning.
Beautiful spinning.