Monday, June 28, 2010

another pretty sunset picture

It reminds me of a mountain with a glacier on top.

A few of you commented on my last post that Cooper is getting big. Yes, he is! He is officially oversize so won't be going into the show ring. He and I will be starting a puppy class next week. When that's over, off to the vet he will go to be neutered. I'm just as glad that he's big as I wasn't sure how much energy I really had to do the showing. There are fewer shows now due to the economy so traveling becomes necessary to show a dog. I'm not a good traveler these days; I like the support of my carefully chosen chairs and my own bed. This fact makes me sad. I used to love going to shows and now I'm too tired to care.


Monika said...

Beuatiful photo!
I understand how you feel about being too tired to care.
I never liked the whole showing circus, we tried it once with Biko, but I loved going just to watch!

Tina said...

Nice picture indeed! We had a beautiful sunset each night this week, too. I was usually out with the dogs (without camera) when I saw it and when back home it wasn’t as stunning any more as before. I thought of Cooper having grown a lot when I saw the picture, too! I can understand how you want to stay home, nothing better…