Monday, June 07, 2010

so it will be

Thank you all for your opinions about the button selection for the girly pink socks. I decided to let the recipient in on the fun to weigh in with her choice, thereby destroying the whole surprise aspect to the birthday gift but oh well. Of course the recipient will be my niece Katie. She likes the pearls the best so pearls it will be.
I think that it`s* a fine choice. A girl can never go wrong with classic pearls.

*If anyone knows how I managed to change my keyboard so that it now gives me a backwards accent mark (`) instead of an apostrophe, please let me know. I`d* like to change it back.

eta: Never mind about the weird apostrophe problem. It disappeared when I restarted the computer. Funny how that solves so many problems.


SissySees said...

I agree! Pearls are always in style.

Monika said...

Great choice! The keyboard thing happens to me all the time. I'm touching something by mistake and all of a sudden the keys have different symbols. I love the restart option! LOL

CelticCastOn said...

This happened to me when I got a new laptop. Took me a while to figure out what was going on but if you press the ctrl and the key above it, an arrow it looks like, press them together twice it will put you back to normal. Sometimes you have to do it a couple of times to get it to work.

Marguerite said...

Your niece has very good taste for a 10 year old.

Lynn said...

Nice choice!