Friday, May 11, 2007

odds and ends

I've got several knitting things on the go and seem to be spinning my wheels a bit lately about working on them. It doesn't seem as if I'm getting much done.

I frogged the Monkey sock (Lisa Souza Sock! in Delft) and redid the heel flap in a slip stitch heel instead of the stockinette heel in the pattern. I have skinny ankles and I think that this will fit better. I'm also purling the sole for my big-baby feet that get irritated by every little bump. I have done this before by purling all of the gusset as well as the sole but got tired of all the SSP decreases. It occurred to me that I could still do the purled sole but leave the gusset in stockinette so I'm trying it.
Close-up of the start of the foot.

Just a few more rows done on the not-much-loved (by me, anyway) Inside Out! sock from the Socks That Rock Club for Geoff.

I've decided that I like plain vanilla socks. I'm not saying that I'm never going to knit patterned socks again but it's comforting to have a plain sock to work on. This is Regia Cotton Surf and I love the subtle blue stripes. I haven't made any socks with a cotton blend yarn before and it seems that you either love it or hate it. We'll see.

I had some Sea Silk in the Nova Scotia colorway in my stash and cast on for the Tuscany Shawl in No Sheep For You by Amy Singer, an excellent book by the way.

I still don't have a voice and sometimes feel like the congestion is choking me. Maybe it's loosening up. About time. I missed four days of school this week.

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Anonymous said...

Good move changing the heel of the Monkey socks. You'll be more happier with them. I had to do the same thing...the socks fit a lot better.