Thursday, May 17, 2007

Two Too Cute

Sorta like that Doublemint gum commercial with the twins, we have twice the pleasure, twice the fun - at least for a couple of days. Meet Bentley's sister Chloe. She is staying with us to be shown at the puppies' very first real dog show this weekend. They will be six months old on Saturday, the first day of the show. Notice that both puppies' ears look rather chewed. That's because they are. They have been having a wonderful time together. Daxie play is different than Sheltie play. The Shelties love to chase each other and, while that is fun to a point for a Daxie, it is much better fun to have another Daxie to wrestle with and bite ears.

Speaking of cute, I made this sock for my niece Katie using some stash yarn in Knit Picks Parade. It didn't look nearly this cute in the skein. The bright stripes were a fun surprise.


Anonymous said...

Oh, cuteness overload. Bentley and Chloe are so cute.
I love the sock. The bright stripes make it so fun.

Bridget said...

Those two look like trouble, in nothing but the best sense!

The socks are great - sometimes you are more surprised with the pattern than the recipient is with the final product.