Wednesday, May 02, 2007

yarny goodness

A western Canadian product, yarn from Wild Geese Fibres. If you haven't had a peek at this website yet you should. I like the philosophy and the yarn is lovely - quite raw but still soft, it smells of all things sheepy and has lots of lanolin to soften my hands while I knit. The one on the left is rare-breed blend of Rideau Arcott, Lincoln, and Alpaca. On the right is Alpaca and Merino. I haven't decided yet whether I will try my hand at dying it or knit it in its natural color.

The dogs were quite interested in it, of course, as it smells of the pasture.

I have found that I get the best yarn pics on my Lazy Boy under the Ott lamp. The colors are more true than even in the sunlight. Bentley has decided that he must accompany the pictures. Honestly, how many puppies do you know that would lie quietly and leave the yarn alone? What a good boy!

This is the Silkie Socks That Rock that came in the latest sock club shipment. Note the cute mini-skein key chain that always is part of the package. This is a new yarn for Blue Moon Fiber Arts, a merino/silk blend, in the colorway Walking On The Wild Tide. It's very soft.

I saw the Hand Maiden Lady Godiva silk/wool blend at Golden Willow, local yarn store extraordinaire, and it called to me. I don't yet know what it will become but it will tell me when it's ready. I also got the Sea Wool in the same colorway (Glacier) to make matching socks to whatever the Lady Godiva becomes. Beautiful, sensual, luscious... yes, I'm the crazy yarn lady in love with wool.

Geoff's Inside Out! sock from the last Rockin' Sock shipment. I just can't get excited about knitting this. I think it's because of the color.

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Anonymous said...

My dogs could care less about my yarn, then again I don't think I've ever gotten any raw wool. :~)
I love the color of the new STR. I also like the color the Monsoon STR from the first shipment.
I know what you mean about not being excited about a knitting project. I had the same problem knitting my sisters socks. The colors were to boring for me. I finished them only because I love my sis and she loved the colors. :~)