Thursday, March 13, 2008

almost spring

I was outside yesterday afternoon with the dogs. The sun was shining and the temperature was above the freezing point. It feels like spring might come soon after all!

The snow is melting and slushy in the sun although it cools off at night and refreezes. While it was slushy, the dogs enjoyed digging into the snow and puddles and sniffing all of the scents of the earth below.


Notice the green grass at the top of the following picture of Robbie. It always surprises me that it's green as soon as the snow melts a bit. The lawn has been buried in snow and endured temperatures of -40 and -50 degrees C for months and yet there's enough warmth in the sun and earth to produce chlorophyll to make the grass green. Amazing!


Of course, any warm weather is a great excuse for blitzing around the yard!

Austin and Robbie in mid-flight on a turn.
And this is what a mini dachsie looks like going full tilt! I love this picture of Bentley!


Tina said...

Great action pics! Is Bentley a harlekin? Our little rescue from Spain looks like she has a lot of JR terrier in her blood but also blue hair and eyes and not so straight legs *lol* so I am always supposing some dachshound ancestor… Lots of snow at your place! We didn’t have any this winter, only a few centimeters of something they called industry snow, very locally and only for a few days after Christmas.

Vicster-the-Knitster said...

Great action shots of your shelties doin' "zoomies!" LOL. I have 2 rescue shelties, too, that zip around just like that!! Great sock pattern, also.

Knit On,

Vicster-the-Knitster & The OSS
(Over-Sized Shelties)