Friday, March 14, 2008

Comfy Soled Socks - The Pattern

I finally finished up the latest version of the Comfy Soled Sock and got it written out as a pattern. There is a new Free Patterns section in the sidebar that, hopefully, will work. The pattern is for fingering weight yarn for a Women's medium (64 stitches). Note that the sock in the picture was knit using double-stranded fingering weight yarn so it might look a little heftier than your sock made from the pattern.

I test drove the wearability of this sock for a few hours around the house. My uber-sensitive foot can feel the slip stitch pattern under my heel but it is not uncomfortable and should increase the durability of the sock.

Feel free to use this pattern for your own use or for knitting for gifts or charity. If you are interested in using it for making a profit please send me an email first requesting permission.
(If you are overwhelmed with gratitude for my generosity, I would happily accept your appreciation in the form of yarn purchases from my Etsy store.)

Let me know if you run into any glitches. I did not test knit it although I knit a mini-heel turn to work out the numbers. I wrote the directions after I completed the sock so there may be some errors. If you find any mistakes I'd appreciate a heads-up so that I can correct them.

Happy knitting!
Update - December 10/09 -
Please note:
I understand that some of you have been sent here from other blogs for this pattern. Unfortunately, the PDF link in the sidebar didn't work. Please see here for more pattern information and links. If you're on Ravelry, this is the fastest way to get the pattern.


Anonymous said...

I love your socks!

Anonymous said...

Those socks look great! I'm going to try a pair for my son, who is in construction work, and so wears boots all day. I'll use some Briggs and Little sport weight to see how it works.

I love the pictures of the dogs! It's always so much fun to see them out in the yard doing "zoomies" when we finally get a mild day. Still waiting for it to melt enough snow for that to happen here. sigh ............

I have 3 Great Danes and do Dane rescue, as well as being a local SPCA board member.

Lois in New Brunswick

smdenbo said...

Hi. I would love to take a look at your heel ideas but cannot get the pattern page. Any suggestions?
Thanks for sharing. Sara Denbo

Anonymous said...

I would love to try your pattern. BUT when I click on the link it asks me for a password!?

Barbara said...

I added this to my Ravelry project queue and in the process added it to Ravelry's patterns database- I hope I got all your information correct. i think it's a great sock pattern, and I have a couple of diabetic family members who may be getting these someday. And I'll probably make a pair for my husband, who has sensitve feet also. Again, great idea.