Monday, March 24, 2008

random acts of kindness

My sister Darcie ran out of sock yarn with just a few rows to go to finish her second sock toe. She posted her dilemma on Ravelry and Socknitters hoping that someone would have a bit of leftover yarn in the same Trekking colorway. She received an email from a woman in the Netherlands named Jenneke. Jenneke has a skein of the yarn and offered to send some to Darcie. She refused compensation, even for the postage, and simply replied, "It's nice to be able to help someone."

Folks all over the world share our passion for fiber and knitting and we are able to connect with this global community over the internet. Isn't it amazing that we have this bond with so many wonderful people? Darcie told me that she was astounded by Jenneke's kindness and is going to 'pay it forward'. I will certainly do the same. Please consider this post as a reminder to create random acts of kindness in your world today too.

And thank you, Jenneke, for much more than a few yards of yarn!

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