Monday, March 31, 2008

spinning, spinning

I'm having a great time spinning on both wheels.

I plied and washed the sheltie/merino that I've been working on. It will wait until I feel like making something nice and warm for winter next year.

I got some beautiful bamboo top from Golden Willow so I started to spin it on the Joy using the Woolee Winder. It is so soft!

I'm in a sock yarn mode so I'm trying to spin as fine as I can. The bamboo is surprisingly easy to spin. I thought that it might be slippery but it's not bad. The Woolee Winder does such a great job winding the yarn on the bobbin evenly! I can hardly wait until the WW for the Elizabeth arrives.

Because the Elizabeth and I are still getting acquainted, I decided to spin some Blue Faced Leicester that I had in my stash. I think it was from Lisa Souza. It's a nice, easy fiber to work with. I'm aiming for sock yarn with this project too. I haven't had any trouble adjusting to the double drive and the treadling is getting smoother. I like the single treadle because I can shift my body position as I spin which allows me to spin longer. When spinning on the Joy I'm pretty much confined to one position although I have better control of slowing down without stopping when I have both feet working together. Talk about muscle memory - I was spinning on the Elizabeth and noticed my left foot treadling the floor!

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Gloria Patre said...

I think I'll just sit here and cry now! (waaah!) I SO want a woolee winder but they don't make one for my wheel! Your Elizabeth is GRAND! I've thought about an Ashford Joy & a Lendrum for a long time just so I could buy one! Lucky lucky girl!! So I guess until then I'll just sit and admire yours!!