Sunday, March 28, 2010

not bluchs any more

Our bluchy* weather has finally ended and the forecast is for warm days ahead. I spent the afternoon moving my fiber stuff into the sunroom in anticipation of lovely sunny days to enjoy there. Maybe I'll actually find some time to work with the raw fleeces again.

There is more and more grass and less and less snow in the backyard.

Here is the double trouble duo.

Of course the melting snow has created some lakes which are just too tempting.

Life is good for a young sheltie with a stick.

Bentley the mountain goat** is at it again. This time I turned around to see this...
He climbed the hot tub steps and had himself a little look-see. The little goof was planning to jump off the non-step side onto rocks when I grabbed him.

Speaking of Dachshunds, B has taught Cooper the joys of evisceration.
I have raised a fair number of sheltie puppies and not one of them ever considered destuffing their toys, until now. Cooper is doing it with great gusto and enthusiasm. I guess there's another case study for the nature/nurture debate.

*If I can use bluchs as a descriptor I feel fully justified in altering it to bluchy or any other derivative as I see fit.

**Looking at that post from 2007 made me sad for the losses of the past year. I still get teary when I think about Harrison and Pocus.


Monika said...

It was quite dry in our backyard except for a few spots of stinky mud, but yesterday all day it rained again. Sigh.
Happy is like Cooper, I've never had a pup that destroyed so many stuffed toys.

pkwolfe said...

Bluchy is a perfectly good word (and I say this as a high school history and English teacher.) Although you may not find it in the dictionary, we use it all the time at our house too. Our weather here in DC (after more than 6 feet of snow this winter) has finally changed to Spring, and my dog and cat are both thrilled. Soon it will be warm enough to put the parrot out on the porch as well. Hope you are getting some time off from school for Easter/Passover Break.

-- Pam