Thursday, March 04, 2010

still splinted

Today was the day that Cooper's leg was x-rayed to see if it has healed. The x-ray showed that it is healing but not quite all the way yet. He needs to wear the splint for another 10 days and get it x-rayed again then. I'm pretty confident that it should be healed by then. In the meantime, Cooper still has the splint. I'm hoping that the weather doesn't decide to bring an early thaw this spring because it's hard enough to keep the splint dry now in the snow. We have a lot of snow and there will be a lot of water and mud once it starts melting.


Monika said...

This is such a cute photo of Cooper! I know what you mean! It's melting like crazy here, and I don't look forward to the mud! It will be paw washing after every outing for a while, which I hate more than the dogs!

Marguerite said...

Oh, I never thought about the mud/splint problem. What a challenge that's going to be. Sympathy.

Lindsay said...

cooper looks like he has grown!!! still uber cute!