Sunday, March 07, 2010

time for this year's Yee-Haw!

Yesterday was the first warm day of spring when the sun heated up the sunroom sufficiently for us to be out there! The dogs and I enjoyed taking in the lovely light out there. I spent the afternoon spinning and the dogs found sunbeams to snooze in. Well, not quite all of the dogs were snoozing - Cooper used the opportunity to attack some fresh shoe delightfulness. You can see Dan's hot tub sandal there in the middle of the sunroom.

I was curious to see when our first yee-haw day was last year and found this post from March 4, 2009. It's interesting that this year is a couple of days later than last year because we've had a mild winter compared to last year's frigid one. Today we're back in the fog so no sun to warm up the sunroom. We've had a lot of fog the last couple of weeks; it's unusual for us to get so much of it.

In spite of my time being usurped by a certain furry baby I did manage to finish Dan's house socks. You may remember that I didn't like the colors that I dyed the yarn. Once knit up, they got overdyed and I'm much happier with them now.

I ordered some Gradience Sushi Sock yarn from The Unique Sheep in the Dusk On The Fjord colorway. It's so pretty!
I'm fascinated by gradient dyeing and carding techniques and will have to experiment with some fiber of my own. You know, when the furry baby isn't usurping most of my fiber time.

Speaking of the furry baby, here he is climbing Mount Zivec in the backyard.
If the sun comes back, Mount Zivec won't last much longer so he needs to get in lots of climbing practice while he can. He is so used to bopping around with his splint that he'll likely have a bit of a learning curve to run without it when it comes off.

And I'll leave you with this pretty pic of B.


Lovs2Knit said...

It's gorgeous here now but we had a good amount of snow in Feb but last year we didn't have any snow in Feb that I can remember. It was just bitter cold.

I love the Gradience colorways. I have some in my stash but I haven't knit with it yet.

Lindsay said...

Sun!!! I am so so sick of all this fog, you'd think someone transplanted regina in the middle of a bog there is so much!! I wish we had a sun room!! Maybe one day i will grow up and own a house! like Cooper had alot of fun!

Cotton Yarn Manufacturer said...

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Monika said...

How nice to have an actual sunroom you can use!
I love gradient yarns too. Love the dogie pictures!

Tina said...

Wow, what a beautiful little dachshound-picture! I already sat out on the terrace in the sun once this year, now we are back to snow, wind and temps under -5°C. Argh!