Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In a comment left on Monday's post, Marguerite said, "My word verification is "bluchs", just how I feel on this Monday morning."

I think bluchs is a very descriptive word for today.
It's gray and windy and dang cold outside. It's one of those March days when everyone is sick of winter and summer feels far away.

There is still a mound of snow left on the deck from the January blizzard so we haven't fired up the barbecue yet.
And I have a throat infection. Bluchs all around.

Darcie and I will be doing part 2 of the spinning experience tonight for Katie's youth group. The spindles, etc. are ready to go.
More about that on the next post.

p.s. Cooper started losing his puppy teeth yesterday. The little front ones on top and bottom are gone. Sort of reminds me of a little vampire. Sort of feels that way when he bites too. Sorry, he won't co-operate for a picture.

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Gloria Patre said...

I know just how you feel about the weather - and we've just had 2 inches of new snow here!!Waaaah!
On the upside, it looks like your spinning "class" will be fun! Hope you're feeling better soon! :o)