Wednesday, July 28, 2010

clean, whew!

So all four dogs have been bathed and groomed and my neck is in pretty darn good shape considering. If I always felt this good, I could get a lot more done around here. I wish I knew why there are times that I feel relatively pain free and other times when a pain flare takes me down for the count for weeks. Anyway, I'll take this lack of pain while it lasts and be thankful.

Today is a perfect summer day. The sun is shining, a slight breeze is blowing, and it's a balmy 24C (75F). The dogs and I enjoyed a little back yard time.

B had a tennis ball (or two) tucked near him and gave Cooper the eye as if to tell him to just try and take one away. Of course that was too tempting for the puppy. Here you can see him stretch out a foot to touch the ball.

Which led to this (it really wasn't about the ball),

then this,


and finally this.

Austin and Robbie were much more dignified.

There is a lot of noise around here these days. We have a few Peregrine Falcons around and their screaming cries are almost constant. As cool as the falcons are to look at (and I can appreciate the efforts that have been made to keep them from becoming extinct), I wish they'd leave because there are no other birds to see and hear. They've either been eaten or had the good sense to leave. I'm glad that I have no little puppies to tempt them.


Monika said...

Your pups are ALL just so beautiful!

Jody said...

Yes I agree that your doggies are so must spend quite a bit of time on grooming (but then you get to spin that nice doggy fur).
Around where I live it's a gang of crows that are always screeching. They terrorize alot of the other birds in the neighbourhood and have a feeding frenzy on garbage day (I always put my garbage in a container!).

SissySees said...

Today, Uncle (married to a former sheltie breeder with one sheltie in their current pack) was in the office when I opened your blog. He's quite taken with your pups.

The Knight's assistant was also standing around, and he just wanted to know where you - and all that beautiful, healthy, green grass - live, because it surely isn't around here.