Thursday, July 08, 2010

pretty in pink

Katie's socks are finished and ready for her birthday on Monday.

Not pink but very pretty is Cooper.
He is recovering remarkably fast from his surgery and is back to his usual busy life, except that he doesn't yet have unaccompanied access to the backyard (and the rocks).


Monika said...

Lovely socks, and such a handsome boy! I'm always amazed how fast dogs recover from anything.

SissySees said...

Those socks are awesome, but I'm glad to hear Cooper is recovering nicely!

Marguerite said...

Love the socks. If I was getting them I'd put them right on my feet and maybe even sleep with them, although it's a bit hot to think about sleeping with socks right now.

Cooper looks much happier without his big white collar. Much.

Lynn said...

Why is it always the cute ones give you the most amt of trouble?? LOL

and I LOVE those socks!