Wednesday, April 25, 2007

puppy antics and FOs

Robbie surveys the damage done by Bentley. I have yet to meet a puppy that isn't totally entertained by this trick. I think that they are surprised and delighted that the paper just keeps unrolling. Too much fun!

I've found time to finish a couple pairs of socks. It feels good to get them off the needles.
I love these socks! It was so worth knitting the foot on toothpicky 1.75mm DPNs. Very comfy and pretty.

Socks for my sister, before washing and blocking. I was amazed at how impressed people were when I was knitting these socks in public and I told them that the yarn was doing all of the fancy work.

I have started teaching my grade 2's to knit. They're enthusiastic and each needs my two hands at the same time. It's wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Oh I have a cat that tried to unroll the TP when she was a little kitty.
You're socks turned out great.

Anonymous said...

I *so* love that pic of Robbie, he looks pretty frustrated by the damage ;)
Very beautiful socks that you've been doing, especially the Tidal Wave ones are absolutely gorgeous! I've already printed out that pattern and will try my hands at it soonest possible! Fantastic color choices too!