Saturday, January 24, 2009

I've fallen but I can get up

Both of my resolutions fell by the wayside last week.

When I was lifting the boxed Joy wheel to take it to the post office I pulled a muscle in my right arm. It's not too painful if I keep it close to my body and not ask it to lift anything. That's hard to do. I am very right hand dominant so the injury is pretty much cutting out most things that I can do. (I can still knit socks - yay!) I keep hoping that I'll wake up and it will be all better but it's not happening. Dan thinks it might take a few weeks (ack!). I haven't been to the doctor because I don't think anything is torn; I think it's just a sprain. Anyway, the exercise resolution has been blown because I'm afraid of making the injury worse. I guess I should go downstairs and get the on the recumbent bike. I could do that.

I definitely can not groom my dogs. Thankfully I did everyone's nails and feet last weekend and brushed everyone but Robbie before the injury. I really wish I had done Robbie because his coat is a lot of work! Now it's just going to get worse and be harder to get through by the time I can wield a brush. If this arm thing keeps up I may have to start phoning groomers to do the job.

I made the mistake of going to my LYS, Golden Willow. I was going that way anyway so it seemed like a good idea. I adore Golden Willow and the people that work there! Apparently I am totally incapable of just window shopping and visiting while I'm there so another resolution took a hit. I know that I would be more than welcome to pop in and not buy anything but I can't. There are just too many beautiful things!

A beautiful glass orifice hook made by Amy Spiers. I've ordered a Majacraft Little Gem wheel from Cal at Shuttleworks. That doesn't count against my resolutions because I sold the Ashford Joy to free up the funds for the new wheel. I also ordered a fine flyer with a round orifice. The Majacraft wheels come with a standard delta orifice that I like for some spinning. But for the really fine yarns, I like the round orifice. So I needed a new orifice hook.

Doesn't the orifice hook match the Indiecita Malabrigo sock yarn perfectly? The yarn was purchased before New Year so it doesn't count as a strike against my resolutions. I did, however, buy some Trekking XXL sock yarn at Golden Willow and that does count. As the kids would say, my bad.

My arm is telling me that I must get off the computer. Now.


Walden said...

Sorry about your arm, hope you feel better soon. The glass orifice hook is beautiful!

Aunt Kathy said...

Trekking XXL was the first real sock yarn I ever actually owned, hard to believe that was only a year ago next month.

I hope your arm heals fast.

Lovs2Knit said...

Hope your arm starts feeling better soon.
That's a beautiful orifice hook. Between that hook and the ball of Trekking I think you did just fine. You didn't break the bank with your purchase. :)