Tuesday, January 20, 2009

selling my Ashford Joy

Since getting the Majacraft Rose, I'm finding I can spin on it longer and more comfortably than on my beloved Ashford Joy. Don't get me wrong - the Joy is a very easy wheel to spin on. There's just something about the angle that I sit at it that triggers my TMJ/fibromyalgia problems. I think it's the angle of the treadles. For me, the tiniest shift in body alignment can make a huge difference while other people wouldn't even notice or be affected by it. So the Joy has been languishing while I spin on the Rose and it really needs a new home.

Here's a pic of the complete package: the Joy double treadle with the padded carrying bag, WooLee Winder with six bobbins, the regular flyer with seven bobbins, and the paperwork for the Joy and the WooLee Winder. Everything is in like-new condition; it has been loved and maintained extremely well.

This pic shows it with the Ashford flyer.

All of the flyers and bobbins.

The wheel folds up...

and tucks neatly and compactly into the bag.
The bag has one large pocket inside the flap and two on the outside so there's lots of room to tuck in fiber and accessories.

I'd like $600 US for the wheel, bag, regular flyer and bobbins, and $300 US for the WooLee Winder and bobbins. If you take all of it, I'll take off an additional $50. Shipping extra. (I just scanned through the Blogger policies and I couldn't find anything against advertising on the blog. I hope I didn't miss something.)


Aunt Kathy said...

I hope you get a buyer. I am not ready to spin yet.

Natalie Rush said...

It's very pretty!! I'm mid purchase of a Pioneer though! :) Good luck!!

Shelley said...

Good luck to you! I'd do this in a heartbeat, but I won't have the $$ to pay for it for a couple of months yet. Hope you find someone!

Simply Incognito said...

Have you gotten a buyer yet? Email me at beadnmouse@gmail.com so we can talk.