Monday, January 26, 2009

Little Gem

The Majacraft Little Gem came today from Shuttleworks. Great price and fast shipping as usual! Cal is so helpful.

I researched and debated for some time before deciding to buy it. I wanted a travel wheel and I love my Majacraft Rose but some people seem to hate treadling the Little Gem. After spinning on it today I can say that I'm very glad I decided to go for it! I didn't have any trouble treadling it; in fact, I thought it was very easy and smooth. It comes apart and the wheel folds over the treadles to pack it up in its padded travel bag. Some people on Ravelry don't like the bag either because of the color but I think it's fine. It has handles and a shoulder strap and has roomy pockets for fiber, etc. The Little Gem feels sturdy to me but is light to carry. I'm happy!

When I unpacked the box that it came in, I looked at the newspaper that was used for protecting the wheel. I knew it was from New Zealand and it's always fun to see newspapers from other places. I saw this page about carding the colorful roving to knit these fun hats.

Then I turned it over and saw this:
It's an Ashford (also in New Zealand) flyer! I'm not the only one that finds this hilarious, am I?


Aunt Kathy said...

That's funny. I wonder if they knew what was on the paper. Doubt it... but I am thinking maybe they ahve sheets of just these two pages used for packing, yeah... doubt it.

Denise said...

That ad has fun with drum carders and shows roving for hats-- are fiber arts THAT kind of common/popular in New Zealand? In the newspaper!

Sounds like my kind of place.

Anonymous said...

I love reading the packing material newspapers with bits about politics and the like. In NZ, MC is the baby company and Ashford is a big factory by comparison. It is much more COOL to be a MC dealer in NZ, after all. :o)

The fiber arts are key to NZ. Sheep, sheep, everywhere. Oh, and if you mustn't say that you love sheep, if you catch my drift. :o)